Title Circumpolar Health Observatory
Lead Kue Young (email: kue.young(at)utoronto.ca), Susan Chatwood, (email: susan.chatwood(at)ichr.ca) (…more…)
  • CircHOB is an international collaborative health information system, involved in systematic, standardized, and consistent data collection and analysis. It is population-based, and covers all northern regions in all circumpolar countries
  • CircHOB’s purpose is to monitor trends and patterns in health status, health determinants, and health care, and provide an on-going and sustainable knowledge base and analytical support for decision-makers, service providers, academic researchers and consumers.
  • CircHOB promotes training and research in population health and health systems and enhances partnerships and collaborations among circumpolar regions and countries.

Full Task description

URL http://circhob.circumpolarhealth.org

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