CON Work Plan, version 5MAY2017


 Activity Description  Lead
 Task 1. Support for SAON
 1.1  Inventory work. Defining requirements  Jan Rene Larsen
 Task 2. Policy support and inter-organizational collaboration
 2.1  EU-PolarNet deliverable ‘Roadmap for optimisation of monitoring and modelling programmes’  Jan Rene Larsen
 2.2  GEO Cold Region Initiative (GEOCRI)
 Activity 2.1: Dialogue between infrastructure networks
 Activity 2.2: Infrastructure catalogues
 Acticity 2.3: Essential Cold Region Variables
 Hannele Savela
 2.3  GEO Community Portal Development (joint with ADC)  Hannele Savela
 Jan Rene Larsen
 Peter Pulsifer
 2.4  WMO Rolling Review of Requirements (RRR)  Rodica Nitu
 2.5  INTAROS (Link to Board presentation)  Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller
 Task 3. Building capacity for observing networks and observations
 3.1  Best practise for SAON networks  Hannele Savela
 3.2  Best practise for national SAON offices (no link)  Sandy Starkweather?
 Task 4. Knowledge exchange across scales of observations
 4.1  Joint breakout session at Arctic Circle 2017 (no link)  
   IT platform (no link)  Vito Vitale
   Atmospheric physics (no link)  Vito Vitale 
   Arctic Observing Framework (no link)  
   Protocol for CBM observational work (joint with ADC) (no link)  Eva Kruemmel?
   Applications for the Arctic Adaptation Exchange Portal (Link to application)  Larry Hinzman?

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