SAON is maintaining information about Arctic observational networks, projects, programs, and platforms. The information is available in a series of inventories:

  • In the early phases of SAON, participants provided information about observational assets. This information has been digitized and is available through the SAON project directory
  • The SAON data inventory gives access to Arctic observational data and products. The information is harvested from the contributing institutions. The facility is in a pilot phase
  • The SAON platform inventory gives access to information about Arctic observational platforms. The facility is in a pilot phase
  • Arctic Portal has organised observational metadata on a number of themes in support of SAON

The Atlas of Community-Based Monitoring & Indigenous Knowledge in a Changing Arctic is a SAON project. It is intended to serve as an inventory of initiatives that will assist with network building and identification of best practices and challenges for the field.

The Arctic Data Committee has produced a summary web page on 'Data Publication and Citation'. It contains a selection of key documents and best practices relevant to data publication and citation:

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