Your input is needed to help identify Societally Significant Information and Products (SSIPs) to assess the capacity of observational networks in the Arctic.

The Arctic Observing Assessment (AOA) is being conducted to support the U.S. Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) and the international Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) objectives for observing coordination and data interoperability. Details about the assessment, its relationship to IARPC and SAON, including FAQ’s, are available on the ArcticHub ( under the Arctic Observing Assessment header. In this first step of the assessment, we are building a list of Arctic societal priorities that will help scope the effort.

There are two methods for submitting Arctic societal priorities to this effort – via an anonymous online web form ( or via e-mail Online and e-mail submissions will be compiled into one list. Additional priorities will be sourced from available Arctic vision, strategy, and priority documents and reports. Examples of Arctic priorities that have been drawn from documents and could scope this effort include food security, freshwater security, and coastal vulnerability.

A full list will be circulated via the ArcticHub.  The deadline for input via the form and e-mail is July 11, 2014. We encourage you to distribute and share this message widely to make this opportunity for input known to all.

There will be future opportunities to provide input into next stages of this assessment. Please visit the ArcticHub ( for updates.

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