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 0  01  GoToMeeting dial-in information  Secretariat
 1  11  Draft agenda (version 27th October)  Executive
 2  05  SAON Strategic Framework (version 16th October 2017)  Frascati workshop
 2  10  SAON Strategic Framework (version 16th October 2017). Comments from Sweden
 Ulf Jonsell, Sweden
 2  06  References cited for SAON strategic goal 2  Peter L. Pulsifer
 4  03  Arctic Observation value tree analysis for atmospheric and oceangraphic variables proposal  Mikko Strahlendorf, Finland 
 4  (link)  The International Arctic Observations Assessment Framework  STPI and SAON
 6  (link)  Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and SAON (Meeting document from Board meeting, Prague, 7th April 2017)  SAON and GEO Secretariats 
 7b  08  IMOBAR  EC

Obsolete documents: 02, 04, 07, 09


SAON Strategic Framework Version 16th October 2017
Peter L. Pulsifer: Update on Arctic Data Committee for SAON Board





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