Document overview

Agenda item Subitem Text Documents
1   Welcome and Introductions Practical information
List of participants
Draft agenda
2   Review of SAON Board Terms of Reference  -
  a Review ToR and related Board functions and approve ToR Plan for the Implementation Phase of SAON
The SAO report to the Nuuk Ministerial Meeting in May 2010
The Nuuk declaration
Draft Terms of Reference (version 20DEC2011)
Draft Terms of Reference (version 20JAN2012)
Comments to ToR: USA / Martin Jeffries
Comment to ToR: WMO / Miroslaw Ondras
Comment to ToR: ICC / Eva Kruemmel
Comment to ToR: AIA / Jim Gamble
  b Discuss role of Permanent Participants and their engagement in SAON -
  c Discuss how Non-Arctic Countries engage in SAON -
  d Discussion of how International organizations participate on SAON -
  e Establishment of SAON Implementation Team - its role and responsibilities -
3   SAON Tasks - Update on all active SAON tasks Task overview
Task 1: Description / Status report
Task 2: Description / Status report
Task 3: Description / Status report
Task 4: Description / Status report
Task 5: Description / Status report
Task 6: Description / Status report
Task 7: Description / Status report
Task 8: Description / Status report
Task 9: Description / Status report (with Task 10 and 16)
Task 10: Description / Status report (with task 9 and 16)
Task 11: Description / Status report (27AUG2011) / Status report (20JAN2012)
Task 12: Description / Status report
Task 13: Description / Status report
Task 14: Description / Status report (12JAN2011) / Status report (20JAN2012)
Task 15: Description / Status report
Task 16: Description / Status report (with Task 9 and 10)
Task 17: Description / Status report
  a Feedback on progress and recommendations for next steps  
4   New SAON Task Proposals Proposal for Recognition Criteria
Inventory form
  a Discussion on process for new proposal submission Proposal: International Arctic Systems for Observing the Atmosphere (IASOA): Planning, Partnering and Implementation (1)
Proposal: A Research Coordination Network for Very Interdisciplinary Arctic Data and Information (2)
Proposal: WMO Contribution to the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) through the WMO Rolling Review of Requirements (3)
Arctic Biodiversity Coalition (ABC) (4)
5 a Purpose for reporting NIPS - updates to plans and non-Arctic Countries  
  b Report by each Board member on coordination of activities related to SAON

National reports from Canada, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, USA as of 2009/2010

Finland has added a new chapter to the national report

Russia has established a web site that mirrors the SAON web site


‘Unites States Report to the SAON Board’

  c Discussion of standardization of report elements  
  d Approval of reporting process  
  e National representatives’ view on new tasks  
  f International organizations present their view on how to contribute to SAON’s work  
6   SAON Operational Activities- Secretariat to present list of activities, including Proposal for Operational activities
  a Communications and Outreach  
  b Website Development and Maintenance  
  c Database Services  
  d Others  
7   Reporting to Arctic Council and SAOs  
  a AC requirements to SAON on communication and coordination (via AMAP)  
  b SAON information updates to IASC Council’s annual meeting  
  c Maximizing SAON reporting efficiencies  
8   Adjourn  

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